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Would you like constructive feedback on a landscape or nature image that you feel could be improved?  Book a 30-minute Zoom video call with Brenda Petrella, the creator of Outdoor Photography School, to discuss potential changes to technique, composition, and post-processing tips that might help you create the image you have in mind.  We will discuss your photography goals, what challenges you are currently facing, and review up to five images during the 30-minute call.

After checkout, you will receive two emails: an order receipt email and a confirmation email once payment is received.


The confirmation email will contain a link to my calendar that will allow you to book the video call.  When you schedule the call, a confirmation page will appear with a link to a short questionnaire about your photography goals and challenges.  You will have the ability to upload your image(s) to a secure folder on the questionnaire.  Please complete this at least 3 days prior to our call so that I can prepare for our conversation.  You will also receive an email reminder with the link to the questionnaire and to the Zoom call.

I look forward to our discussion and helping you improve your photography!


If you are unable to complete the questionnaire on time or if you are unable to make the call for some reason, we are happy to reschedule the call if given 24 hours’ notice.  You are allowed to reschedule once without any additional charge.  If you need to reschedule a second time or if you need to cancel in less than 24 hours, you will have to order a new call.  


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30-minute discussion of a single image


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