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One of my main goals in creating Outdoor Photography School is to bridge the gap between the art and craft of photography and the outdoor skills that are needed to explore the natural world safely and comfortably. 

On my new show, the Outdoor Photography Podcast, I interview top landscape and nature photographers and outdoor industry leaders to help you unleash your creative side while connecting with nature through your photography.

My job is to unpack their approaches to creativity and composition and to uncover key topics around safety in the outdoors, essential gear, and respect for nature. 

Now, some people get into outdoor photography because they have a lifelong passion for – or connection to – the outdoors.  And others, start with a passion for photography and learn to appreciate nature through their creative process.  

And whichever path you’re on in your photography journey, you will eventually find yourself needing to acquire two sets of skills – that of a photographer, and that of an outdoors-person.  And this new show will cover both of these topics in depth.  

This weekly podcast is a mix of interviews and short episodes, called Tidbit Tuesdays, where I’ll share valuable nuggets of information and answer your submitted questions.  

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