OPP #008:TIDBIT TUESDAY – Four Steps to Finding Compositions in Landscape Photography

Today's Tidbit: Finding Landscape Compositions

We Discuss:

  • A listener’s question about how to find compositions in the grand landscape
  • Without discussing the “rules of composition”, I share my four-step thought process for finding unique and compelling compositions

(Note – the study of composition obviously goes MUCH deeper than these, but they are a good starting place)

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Berny Marsden

    I surprised myself because the podcast format was not appealing. I gritted my teeth and listened end to end.
    A very pleasant surprise. You delivered the cast very clearly and economically. We are bombarded by avalanches of information in our digital age so the importance of fast, distilled, concise delivery cannot be over emphasised.
    However, you verbalised my approach to landscape photography which compared with many photographers is very slow and measured. I frequently spend as long as two hours trying to capture a scene and am happy to achieve only a single acceptable image that is the progeny of many exposures that end up in the bin. This may sound rather haphazard but I “see” a scene better on the review screen than in the viewfinder. That’s the mechanics of getting the shot but prior to that, your cast made me realise that I follow a similar mental review before taking out my gear. I have long thought the landscape photographer’s best accessory is his or her legs and wander about a location before getting down to a shoot. Thank you.

    1. Brenda Petrella

      Hi Berny – I couldn’t agree more about slowing down and really taking your time to explore a scene. I’m really glad you enjoyed the episode in the end :).

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