OPP #006: TIDBIT TUESDAY – Protect Yourself From Ticks and Focusing in Landscape Photography

Today's Tidbit: All About Tick Safety

We Discuss:

  • Five ways to protect yourself from tick bites while doing outdoor photography
  • Where to focus in landscape photography using a telephoto lens

Resources and Links:

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Informational Links:

Product Links:

Sawyer Permethrin Products

Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent

Outdoor clothing companies that provide permethrin-containing clothing:

LL Bean



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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Deno Pappas

    Thanks Brenda! I living in New Brunswick on the East Coast we have to be mindful of ticks and a recent increase of Limes Disease in the last few years.

    1. Brenda Petrella

      You bet, Deno! I’m glad it was helpful. I live in VT, and we’ve definitely seen an increase around here as well.

  2. Duncan

    This podcast was really informative and very useful. I have been out owing my photography and came home to discover I had a tick or two attached to me in the most personal parts. A bit embarrassing but I went to my doctor who was very good and removed them from me. I had never even heard about ticks till then and now I hear of them constantly. They certainly can cause many health issues and some very vey serious so my message is always check yourself thoroughly after being out in the field as it can save you a whole lot of hardship.
    I also liked the info on focal points with a zoom lens, that was something I Never knew. Now when I am doing my landscape photography I will know that there is no need to fret over whether my focal point is one third of the way in when using my telephoto lenses. Overall this was a very useful 15minutes, Thank you 👍😄

    1. Brenda Petrella

      I’m so glad to hear that, Duncan! Thank you! And I’m glad that you were able to get those ticks removed – never a fun moment!

  3. Frank Stein

    That was an excellent overview of what precautions to take with respect to ticks. Here, on Shelter Island, I have been living with ticks and the threat of Lyme as well as more recent and troubling tick-borne diseases for over 40 years. I have lost count, but I have hosted and removed well into the 100’s of ticks over the years with, so far no ill effects due to quick spotting and successful removal. I would like to add a few suggestions/comments. First, with respect to tweezers, a small investment in a good pair of pointed ones are helpful. Second, magnifying glasses or even a magnifying headband with a light, is a great aid. This can also help with sensor cleaning so it is a multipurpose tool. (I do not recommend using tweezers for the latter.) Also, from a practical point of view, I have found that few doctors, or even hospitals, have more than a passing interest in looking at the tick you removed. My experience is that, while in the past they may have, they do not really care as to the species or to test if it is infected. This may be different in other parts of the country but here they usually treat, prophylactically, with an appropriate antibiotic. The concern of overuse of these drugs is offset by their increased efficacy of treatment even before the results of a not completely reliable blood test results are returned. Finally, for those who are traveling and return home to find that they have symptoms and/or have or removed a tick, do not assume that your local health care provider will be familiar with the appropriate course of treatment or even recognize the symptoms in these cases so be persistent.

    Again, thank you for your podcasts and photopills tutorials.

    1. Brenda Petrella

      Hi Frank, Thank you for sharing your helpful insights into this important topic! It definitely helps to hear from those who have a lot of experience with ticks. I have had my fair share of bites, too, and thankfully haven’t acquired Lyme or other illnesses, but have had rashes and have had to be treated. I’ve known others to have lifelong ailments after contracting Lyme, and it can really be awful. I’m glad you’ve been able to stay safe despite multiple exposures. I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast!

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