OPP #021: Large Format Black & White Nature Photography With Cody Schultz

Today's Guest: Cody Schultz

We Discuss:

  • Photography as a way of coping with mental health struggles
  • What it’s like to do landscape photography with medium and large format cameras
  • How the process of slowing down with large format photography helps him connect with nature
  • Why he transitioned to exclusively creating black and white images
  • The technical details of using a large format camera
  • Why he only photographs with one prime lens
  • Why he got off of Instagram
  • And so much more!

Resources and Links:

Photographers who have inspired Cody:

Guy Tal

Michael Kenna

Clyde Butcher

YouTube channels that Cody recommends:

Ben Horne

Thomas Heaton

Nick Carver

OPP Episode 10: Kick Your Photography Rut in the Butt and Q&A


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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Steve Fair

    Hi Brenda, I’ve been enjoying your podcasts and your YouTube videos before that. Your interview style leads the guests to reveal themselves well and you don’t try to steal their thunder. I enjoyed this episode entirely and you gave me an extra chuckle and a feeling of superiority when you said you never heard the term reciprocity failure. I thought “what professional photographer never heard of reciprocity failure?” Then I remembered that I’m old, not superior, and have children probably older than you and reciprocity failure is an attribute of film, not digital sensors. So if you were never way into film photography you wouldn’t need to know about reciprocity failure. I had a black and white darkroom at home in the ’70s and enjoyed photography in spite of the the analog process, not because of it. More power to people like Cody who embrace it but for me digital is much more fun. Thanks so much for being entertaining and informative.

    1. Brenda Petrella

      Hi Steve – You made me chuckle too! Thank you for commenting. I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast and videos (which I will get back to creating more of again soon). My only experience with film was playing with an old camera of my Dad’s when I was younger – there was nothing technical about my understanding at that time – LOL! And I agree, more power to folks who want to do the analog process. And Cody is young to boot!

  2. Egídio Leitão

    Brenda, as always, your podcasts are so timely with what I am experiencing in my hobby photography world. This episode was no exception. When I read your preview about the topics being covered, I knew the episode would struck a chord with me. I was especially curious about his reasons for leaving Instagram (or putting it on hold). Thanks for bringing up guests that are so relevant to outdoor photography.

    1. Brenda Petrella

      You’ve made my day, Egidio! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad the podcast has been valuable to you! Thanks for listening.

  3. Susan KV

    Thank you for producing a podcast focused on nature and the outdoors! As a like-minded and passionate explorer of nature and photographer, I thoroughly enjoy the guest and topic variety as each offers motivation, valued information and inspiration.

    1. Brenda Petrella

      It’s my pleasure! I’m so glad you are enjoying the guests and content! 🙂

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