Outdoor Photography School is an online resource and community created by me, Brenda Petrella, to help you master both your photography skills and your outdoor skills all in one place.


Maya hugging tree
Brenda and Ferdinand

A Little About Me:

  • I’m a mom to a happy toddler girl who loves the outdoors
  • I’m a wife to a very supportive partner
  • I love animals (we have two rescue cows and a goofy golden retriever)
  • I’d rather be outside than at my computer
  • I love working with my hands and doing projects around the house
  • I enjoy problem solving and finding solutions
  • I’ve had surgeries in both of my knees, but I still love to hike
  • I have a PhD in molecular biology and ran a research laboratory for a while studying molecular mechanisms of kidney cancer
  • I recently left my science career to pursue a more balanced lifestyle where I spend more time doing the things I love

My Path to Photography:

  • I am a self-taught photographer with an insatiable desire to learn everything I can about my craft and share that knowledge with others.
  • Creating photos is a way that I most enjoy connecting with nature.
  • I have held several solo photography exhibits around VT and NH, and some of my VT images are on permanent display at the Vermont Attorney General’s Office.
  • I love helping others learn photography and connect with nature through creating images, especially when I can help them break through difficult concepts and achieve results!
  • You can view my online portfolio at brendapetrella.com.
Brenda Petrella Photographing the Northern Lights on the Yukon River in Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada

My first photography trip was to photograph the Aurora Borealis in the Canadian Yukon.  Even at -30F, I loved every minute.

Photo credit: Stephen Gorman


OPS is a way for me to combine three passions:

Brenda Petrella headshot


First, a short story.

One day while sitting with my partner and our twin nephews (who were 5 years old at the time), my partner exaggeratedly said, “Brenda’s perfect” (awww, so sweet).  One nephew tilted his head and carefully considered this statement.  He then said, “Nah, Brenda’s not perfect; she’s PRACTICAL.

This boy was wise beyond his years!  I am far from perfect, but being practical is definitely one of my stronger character traits.  As part of the Outdoor Photography School community, I promise to give you practical resources, tools, and advice to help you on your outdoor photography journey.  I can’t promise it will be always perfect, as I am also continually learning, but I will always strive to deliver the best value, a supportive community, and a fun learning environment. 

I hope you’ll join us!