25 Stocking Stuffers Under $50 for Outdoor Photographers

Need affordable gift ideas for the outdoor photographer on your list? Look no further.

Stuck on what to get your favorite outdoor photographer this year? Below is a list of stocking stuffer ideas for the outdoor photographer on your gift list.  Most of the items are less than $25 and a handful are less than $50.

Pssst – there’s no shame in casually passing this list to a loved one if YOU’RE the photographer who’s been good this year.  🙂 Just sayin’…

Some of the links mentioned below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase from the link, I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you, and it helps support this website.  Thanks!

1. Peak Design Anchor Links ($19.95): I love products from Peak Design because they are simple yet highly functional. One of my favorite features is the anchor connector they’ve designed. With the Peak Design Anchor Link, photographers can turn any camera strap into one that can be easily put on or removed with just a simple click. No more hassle.Peak Design Anchor Links for Camera Straps (AL-4)

Remove a camera strap with a simple click using the Peak Design anchor connectors.

2. Peak Design Camera Leash ($39.95): If you want to take it up a notch, then I recommend getting the Peak Design Camera Leash (shown in the video above). It’s a lightweight, comfortable camera strap that doesn’t get in the way of doing landscape or nature photography. Because it comes with the anchor connectors, it can be easily removed from a camera, which is super helpful while shooting in nature. Peak Design Leash Camera Strap, 83-115 cm, Black (L-BL-3)

3. Peak Design Dual Tripod Plate ($24.95): Ok, just one more idea from Peak Design – their dual tripod plate. It is compatible with most Arca and Manfrotto RC2 type tripod heads, is lightweight, stays secure, and also has attachment points for those nifty anchor attachments mentioned above. Peak Design Dual Plate V2 (for Capture Camera Clip) Also ARCA and RC2 Tripod Compatible

4. RAV Power USB Charging Station ($23.99): I have the Rav Power Charging Station set up on a shelf in my office, and I use it to plug in all of my various types of USB battery chargers. It is super handy to bring on a trip, too, when you have to charge a bunch of different devices or batteries and have access to limited outlets. This charger uses a single outlet and charges up to 6 USB devices. USB Charger RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port Desktop USB Charging Station with iSmart Multiple Port, Compatible iPhone 11 Pro Max XS Max XR X 8 Plus, iPad Pro Air Mini, Galaxy S9 Edge, Tablet and More (Black)

5. Mophie Power Boost XXL Universal External Battery ($39.95): For the outdoor photographer on the go, it is always handy to have a way of charging up your devices when out in the wilderness. The Mophie Power Boost can charge two USB devices simultaneously and even has power to spare for additional charges.mophie Power Boost XXL Universal External Battery - 8 Charges (20,800mAh) - Black

6. 3 Legged Thing QR11-LC Universal L Bracket ($49.99): An L-bracket is a super handy addition to any outdoor photographer’s kit. It enables the photographer to quickly mount his or her camera on a tripod in either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode. This ability is essential for both increased tripod stability and being able to quickly adjust compositions on the fly.

The universal L-bracket from 3-Legged Thing is the one I use (yes, in orange!), and it should be compatible with most camera models.3 Legged Thing QR11-LC Universal L Bracket with Quick Release Cable Access Switch from Portrait to Landscape (Orange)

7. UCHIDA Deco Color Paint Marker Set ($10.57): Does your photographer print his or her images on metal, acrylic (glass) or canvas? These pens are excellent for signing prints made of these materials. I’ve used them successfully to sign acrylic prints for several exhibits.UCHIDA Deco Color Extra Fine Tip Paint Marker Set

8. Think Tank Cable Management ($24.75): Any photographer who travels likely will need a way to organize cables, external hard drives, chargers, you name it. What I like about the Think Tank Cable Management bag is the clear panel that allows you to quickly see what item you are trying to grab and go. Think Tank Photo Cable Management 20 V2.0 Camera Bag and Case Pouch

9. Cocoon GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer ($19.99): If you’d rather go with something a little more customizable and streamlined, then check out the GRID-IT! Accessory Organizers from Cocoon. It basically is a flat surface with a rubberized woven elastic object retention system, which allows for any number of possible configurations while keeping items securely in place. They come in various sizes; the medium is shown here. Cocoon CPG10BK GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer - Medium 12" x 8" (Black)

10. Mindshift Gear Mini Filter Nest ($26.99): Many outdoor photographers use lens filters, such a circular polarizer or neutral density filter, to produce certain effects and to properly expose a scene in camera. These filters are made of special glass and need to be protected to avoid scratches. I love this little filter holder from Mindshift. It fits four round filters between color-coded soft-lined sections and is lightweight, water-repellent, and durable. This filter nest is always with me unless I need to bring more than four filters on a shoot.MindShift Gear Filter Nest Mini Filter Pouch for 4 Round Filters (up 82 mm)

11. 3-Legged Thing Toolz Multi-Tool ($7.99): This little multi-tool is always attached to my camera bag. Instead of having it buried deep inside my bag, it attaches like a carabineer to the outside, making it always accessible. It is used to make minor adjustments to tripod parts and other photography equipment. This one also doubles as a bottle opener. 3 Legged Thing Toolz, Multi-Tool Including Bottle Opener

12. SandiskExtreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card Memory Card 64GB ($40.50): All digital photographers need to have memory cards on hand and are always happy to have extras around. Most modern DSLRs use these types of memory cards (not all), and a capacity of 64GB should be plenty for most all-day shooting. It depends on the size of the image files, of course, but I’ve had good results with these SD cards. They have a decent read/write speed without breaking the bank. Sandisk Extreme Pro - Flash Memory Card - 64 GB - SDXC UHS-I - Black, Gray, Red, White, Yellow

13. Beeway Memory Card Holder ($11.99): For the traveling outdoor photographer, it is vitally important to have a safe place to store memory cards so that his or her valuable images are protected. I use the Beeway Memory Card Holder because it is water-resistant and shock-resistant and can hold both SD and micro-SD memory card types. It’s also super affordable! Talk about cheap insurance for keeping images safe. Beeway Tough Water Shock Resistant Protector Memory Card Carrying Case Holder 24 Slots for SD SDHC SDXC and Micro SD TF with Storage Bag & Carabiner

14. Lenscoat Memory Card Wallet ($17.99): This memory card hold is more lightweight and sleek than the Beeway. You can fit more memory cards in less space, so if packing lightly is important, than this is a great way to store memory cards. The material is water repellant, and it does not contain noisy velcro, which is helpful when doing wildlife photography. LensCoat mwcf10bk  Memory Card Wallet (Black)

15. Petzl Actik Core Hybrid Headlamp ($49.95): Outdoor photography often involves photographing sunrises, sunsets, and the night sky, meaning that your favorite photographer is likely spending time in the dark. This is why a headlamp is an essential accessory for outdoor photographers.

Headlamps are better than flashlights because of being hands-free. This headlamp from Petzl offers a red light option, which is super helpful in maintaining night vision. What I also like about the Actik Core Hybrid headlamp is that it is powered by a USB rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries. PETZL - ACTIK Headlamp, 300 Lumens, Active Lighting, Green

16. Pack of Microfiber Cloths ($5.99): I keep these microfiber cloths with me all the time. They are small enough to stick in a pocket, and I always have spares in my camera bag. They are soft and lint-free, making them ideal for cleaning camera lenses in the field. 10 Pack Assorted Colors Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - 6" x 7" Microfiber Glasses Cloth - Great for Cleaning Eyeglasses, Cell Phones, Screens, Lenses, Glasses, Screens and All Delicate Surface

17. Zeiss Lens Wipes ($27.43): Sometimes, camera lenses need a little more cleaning than what a microfiber cloth can provide, especially after doing photography in inclement weather. These pre-moistened, streak-free, lint-free wipes from Zeiss do the trick. They are safe to use on coated camera lenses. I use them to clean my camera’s LCD display and viewfinder as well. Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes, 400 Count

18. Movo Rain Cover for DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras ($12.95): A simple rain jacket can save thousands of dollars of expensive photography equipment from being ruined by bad weather, dew, and dust. I carry one of these with me at all times. What I like is that these rain covers not only provide excellent protection, but are also lightweight, transparent (so you can see what you are doing), and cinch around the end of the lens with a drawstring for added protection. Movo (5 Pack) RC1 Clear Rain Cover for DSLR Camera and Lens up to 18" Long

19. Carson SensorMag Cleaning Loupe ($17.99): Occasionally, the sensor inside of our camera needs to be cleaned. Some photographers pay a professional service to do this; others have learned how to do it themselves. I clean my own sensor, and recently invested in this Cleaning Loupe, which magnifies and illuminates the sensor so that is is easier to see the dust spots. And oh my, what a difference it makes! I had no idea how dirty my sensor was until using this little tool. Note, this loupe is not for all DSLR cameras and won’t work for mirrorless cameras, so be sure to check for compatibility.Carson Camera Sensor Magnifier - 4.5 x 30mm (SM-44)

20. Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Camera LCD ($7.39): Many of us use screen protectors for our smartphones, right? Why not protect our camera LCD displays in a similar way? I personally find the clip-on screen protectors to be annoying, cumbersome, and they scratch easily. Using a scratch-resistant, durable, touch-responsive LCD screen protector like this one takes the frustration out of protecting the LCD display. Be sure to check for camera compatibility and purchase the correct size. (Pack of 3) Tempered Screen Protector for Nikon D7100 D7200 D800 D800e D810 D750 D600 D610 D500, Akwox [0.3mm 2.5D High Definition 9H] Optical LCD Premium Glass Protective Cover

21. KUVRD Universal Lens Cap 2.0 ($24.99): Outdoor photographers who spend a lot of time – well, in the outdoors – need a way to protect their lenses from the elements and from unexpected dings or drops. While nothing can absolutely protect from everything, these universal lens caps from KUVRD come close. They fit most lenses, are waterproof and shockproof, and come with a lifetime warranty. What’s not to like? KUVRD Universal Lens Cap 2.0 - Fits 99% DSLR Lenses, Element Proof, Lifetime Coverage, Magnum, Single Lens Cap

22. Ziv Universal Wired and Infrared Remote Release ($24.95): A way to remotely trigger the camera’s shutter is a handy tool for any outdoor photographer who wants to reduce unwanted camera vibration or set up shots where they can’t be directly behind the camera. This affordable, universal remote trigger is a great way to get started. Ziv Universal Wired and Infrared Remote Release

23. Hot Hand Handwarmers ($24.95): Handwarmers are obviously super useful in winter photography to help keep our hands warm. But I actually use them year-round. While doing night sky photography in the summer, I wrap a handwarmer around my camera lens to prevent dew condensation from forming on the end of the lens. Very hand-y. 😉 HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmers - Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers - Up to 18 Hours of Heat - 40 Individual Warmers

24. Adventure Medical First Aid Kit ($28.99): If your favorite outdoor photographer spends any time hiking, paddling, camping or any other activity out in nature, then it is wise for him or her to carry a first aid kit. I recommend this one from Adventure Medical because it is waterproof, ultralightweight, and provides initial treatment for most small injuries. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight .7 Medical First Aid Kit

25. PhotoPills Photography App ($9.99): Hands down, my favorite photography planning app is PhotoPills. Available now for Apple and Andriod, PhotoPills has been dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife” of photography apps. It has a steep learning curve but is jam-packed with features that will help any outdoor photographer plan his or her next composition. To find out more, check out the OPS Resources page.

Available on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

I hope these gift ideas helped you find something special for your favorite outdoor photographer! Happy Holidays and be sure to spend some time outside this season!

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