Do you want to feel proud of your landscape and nature images, but instead feel overwhelmed by all you need to learn about your camera, composition, post-processing, other gear, etc.?

Or, perhaps you’ve mastered your photography but you could brush up on your outdoor skills a bit – like knowing what outdoor gear you need, how to pack, how to scout and plan shots, navigate the land, or importantly – how to be safe in nature?

Or, have you ever felt that spending more time in the great outdoors (with your camera) would be good for your health and well-being?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, WELCOME!

You are in the right place.

What’s Inside OPS:

Photography Skills + Techniques

OPS is a growing resource of photography ARTICLES, a PODCAST, VIDEOS, WORKSHOPS, and more – all focused on helping you create better images and reconnect with nature.

Outdoor Skills + Safety

We provide practical and helpful information about the essential skills you need to do photography in the outdoors safely, respectfully, and with confidence.

Tools of the Trade

We can get pretty excited about all of the new gadgets that are out there for photography and outdoor adventuring.  It’s not all about the gear, though.  Check out our RESOURCES page to learn about recommended books, podcasts, apps, and yes – lotsa gear, too.

Connect With People + Nature

At OPS, you join like-minded photographers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend more time in nature with their cameras.  We commit to putting nature first as we master our skills and encourage each other as we learn together.  Check out our MANIFESTO to learn more.

Listen to the Outdoor Photography Podcast

Join Brenda Petrella, the creator of Outdoor Photography School, as she sits down with top landscape and nature photographers and leaders in the outdoor industry to unpack their approaches to creativity, composition, connecting with nature, and working safely and comfortably in the natural world.

This weekly podcast is a mix of interviews and quick tip episodes, called Tidbit Tuesdays. The Tidbit Tuesday episodes include nuggets of practical information and Brenda answers your submitted questions.  Be sure to tune in!

Latest Episode:

What Our Listeners Say:

Fresh Air for Photos
Brenda is the Terry Gross of Photography Interviewing
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Brenda invites to her interviews some very insightful and intelligent photographers. With thoughtful questioning she is able to draw out of them their methods and mindset. Listen carefully for the explicit and implicit responses to her, and you’ll hear their respect and admiration for her communication style. Very cool stuff on technical and soulful levels alike! Thank you so much for your work.
John T.
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Brenda communicates information, particularly technical skills, in a way that’s clear as glass. She has a respectful and insightful interviewing style that draws outstanding perspectives and learning from her podcast guests. I constantly refer to my notes from her podcasts, YouTube and website for ideas and reinforcement. She is a big part of my photographic evolution.
Top Notch, Fantastic
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Great podcast, well-balanced between specific /technical photography concepts and the general story-telling of people in the outdoor photography field. I really enjoy listening in on the interviews, and I fell like you ask very thoughtful questions. Lightning-round is always a fun addition to the standard interview format. I found a few amazing Instagram accounts (where use as inspiration or motivation to go out in nature) from the photographers you interviewed, so thank you for bolstering my Instagram feed with some really unique photographers (I'm including creator of the podcast in this too). There was one episode, I forget when, about gear, clothing, and safety in the outdoors which I found really helpful and had to take some quick notes while listening.
Michelle E.
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I have been listening weekly since day one and really love the casual nature of the interviews, thoughtful content and tidbit Tuesdays. I have learned so much. Whether it's about gear, outdoor safety or techniques to improve my photography Brenda through her Podcast covers it all in a way that is easy to understand. I truly look forward to each episode.
Nelson S.
Loved it
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I just discovered your pod cast 4 or 5 weeks ago and have lisened to them all. I am a full time photographer, organize nature photo walks, lead a local photography club and I love your approach to teaching and sharing the world of photography. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!

Latest Articles:

Protect Your Photos With This Backup Strategy

Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, it’s never too early to integrate a backup strategy into your photography workflow. Here’s a simple way to make sure you don’t lose your images.

About Outdoor Photography School

To be a successful outdoor photographer, your skills need to go beyond how to use a camera and compose an image. You also need to be proficient in navigating trails, water bodies, wildlife, and unexpected weather, to enjoy the outdoors safely and respectfully.

These outdoor skills are often overlooked when learning landscape or nature photography.  We want to change that.  At OPS, we provide practical information on BOTH topics so that you never have to feel unsure of your abilities to trek out into the woods or up a mountain pass with your camera.

Importantly, at OPS we commit to PUT NATURE FIRST.  We respect our subjects (rivers, mountains, deserts, wildlife, etc.) and take proper care to ensure that the natural elements we photograph remain available for future generations.  We encourage you to make this commitment too!  Check out the OPS MANIFESTO to learn more.

So, are you ready to embrace your inner outdoorsman or outdoorswoman?  Do you want to improve your landscape, nature, wildlife, or night sky images?  Do you like our philosophy of putting nature first?  If so, please join us!